Musicianship classes are for anyone in year 10 - 13 who wants to improve their musical skills.

Although singing forms a huge part of the Musicianship class, this is not a singing lesson. This class will help you to:

• read and understand written music

• develop your sight-singing skills

• build your confidence at part singing

• develop your musical ear and sense of pitch

• reinforce and strengthen your sense of pulse and rhythm

• introduce the concept of inner hearing

• broaden your understanding of music

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For those already taking singing lessons, or indeed any other form of musical training, the musicianship bolt-on will help you to reinforce and develop the knowledge you already have. It is often the case that although students may possess a solid vocal technique, their ability to read music is underdeveloped. This class will help you to read and understand written music using a Kodály inspired methodology.

This class is suitable for all levels, whether confident singers or otherwise. Confident music readers are much sought after within the performing arts industry. This class is delivered with the idea that what you learn now will greatly assist you as you develop as singers and musicians.

In addition to developing musical skills, this class will also give you the opportunity to build your own personal repertoire of songs, working to hone your delivery for use in auditions and performances.

For strong confident singers, this will give you the opportunity to further develop and enhance your skills, whilst for the less-confident, this is an excellent way of building your own resilience, ensuring that the steps you make are built upon solid foundations.