Early Years Music

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Movers & Shakers is a music class for children aged between 3 months and 4 years. We incorporate singing, actions, dancing, rhythm and instruments into a themed class for adults and children to enjoy together. 


This class is designed to educate through play and music. Children will learn without realising and experience the joy of using their voices, moving their bodies creatively and rhythm making/beat keeping. Adults can enjoy the bonding that comes from sharing this fun filled class with their child. Movers & Shakers can aid in accelerating brain development, improving memory, gross and fine motor development, language skills, social skills and it is also really fun!


Leading the class is Wendy Barnett who has over 15 years experience teaching babies, toddlers and pre-school children. Wendy has a BA (Hons) in Communication Studies and gained a distinction in Fd Level: Intro to Music Education according to Kodaly Concept (Early Years and Primary) from the British Kodaly Academy.

This is a 45 minute class formed into a block of between 4 and 7 weeks. Booking is essential. 


Classes are bookable for:

Monday 10.00am-10.45am 


Wednesday 10.00am-10.45am

Cost equates to £6 per class but is charged by the block, sibling discount is available.

Up to 2 adult may attend with each booking. Payment is taken upfront through our online ticket system.