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We have introduced new classes focussing on acting for Year 10 - 13 students. These are available to all not just members of the Senior Musical Theatre group. 

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Level 1 Acting is designed to boost confidence and build skills, helping you to gain
dramatic experience through both text-based and non-textual training. It is ideally
suited to students whose first discipline is dance or singing.

These acting classes will be very similar in nature to the drama element delivered currently in musical theatre classes. Improvisation and games will form a strong part of the work, designed to promote speaking and listening, reacting in the moment and developing use of body and voice to embody a character.

We will also start to take a closer look at ourselves, developing an understanding of our own body and voice to develop a knowledge of our own personal habits and how we might seek to both use and alter these for acting.

There will be a termly showing of work, which will utilise the skills of both devising work from scratch and performing from given texts, giving you the opportunity of putting what you have learned into practice.


Everything in this class is about supporting you to become a better, stronger actor. Giving you the confidence to audition and the experience of playing a character. The work is fun and as always, conducted in a fully-supportive environment.

Level 2 Acting is for those who want to pursue higher-level training or are keen to push
themselves into a more thorough actor training programme. Students will participate in
work of a similar level to a foundation degree, giving them the opportunity to experience
actor training at a higher level whilst thoroughly preparing them for further study.

The programme for the year will allow students to explore contemporary, classical and complex texts, with

a termly showing of work. In addition to the set programme, visiting tutors will run sessions on audition

preparation and self-taping as well as offering mock audition sessions to give participants some idea of what

is required at a conservatoire audition session.

Term 1

Non-text-based introduction to movement and voice

Thorough investigation of self through the work of Stanislavski and Uta Hagen

Naturalistic text and contemporary scene study

Techniques to break down text and the concepts of objective

Term 2

Classical naturalist text

Further development of self

Building a role from given circumstances

Introduction to the skills of endowment and immersive imagination

Term 3

Complex text and Shakespeare

Accessing and delivering complex text

Sense memory



Level 1 Acting

Tutor: Sue Gilbrook

Fee: £20/month

Duration: 1 hour

Thursday - time to be confirmed

Level 2 Acting

Tutor: Jonathan Francis

Fee: £40/month

Duration: 2 hours

Monday 4.15 - 6.15

Kit List

Chesterfield Studios uniform - black Chesterfield Studios t-shirt, black leggings or joggers


Additional Kit List - Level 2

Term 1

You will be required to provide certain easily sourced props and costume as per class requirements. These may

need to be brought in, in advance of the class.

All classes unless otherwise advised will take place in Chesterfield Studios uniform.

Term 2 & 3

In addition to supplying your own props and costume, you will need:


Oxford Shoes



Character Shoes

Practice Skirt

The items listed above are often required on the kit list of higher education institutions and can be used after

leaving the Studios.

Offers to attend Level 1 or 2 are made based upon tutor assessment. As classes commence, tutors may recommend

moving into a different class if it is felt the student will benefit from another level.

Level 2 classes are designed to reflect the discipline and level of commitment required by professional drama school

training. As such, additional rules will be in place to adequately reflect this.

• The correct clothing must be worn at all sessions without exception

• Consistent demonstration of commitment must be evident at all sessions

• Latecomers may not be admitted

• Only those who show continual commitment to sessions will be able to continue into the next term.

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